Good luck trying to make a living there. Bad leads, managers that have an attitude because they know that you are not going to stay, and a sales force that is constantly angry and leaving.

Keep in mind that this is a 1099 form company that you are working for; no benefits, you pay your own taxes at the end of the year. Their product is a very simple one that anyone can learn, so they think that you can learn this and then make money from the get go. But the leads are bad, usually very old and worked by other agents as well. They wont give you the good leads until you so call prove yourself.

Most agents cant hang on for months like that and drop out.

But those that stay after having proved themselves say that they the leads are still bad, even after having paid for them. By the way, they are not an industry leader like they claim, they are really just an agency in Bloomfield, NJ.

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Nutley, New Jersey, United States #1248628

As an employee that works in office, I can honestly say that the reviews must be outdated because none of this is happening right now. If you're a new visitor after November 2016, then these posts and comments are invalid that you are reading.

There are two different positions in this company, inside sales and outside sales. Inside sales is a regular hourly rate PLUS commission (like listen on our Craigslist or Careerbuilder ads), and then the outside sales position is 1099. What you DON'T know is that there are a lot of agents in this company that have been here on average 7+ years, and that is saying something impressive when you consider the size of the company. We don't have hundreds and hundreds of employees because this job ISN'T for everyone.

The company promotes positive vibes and wants happy people to work for them, and unfortunately there are people that come through the door that don't last. We also provide FREE leads and have our agents make the appointments with clientele if you're outside sales; you don't knock random doors. You have to agree over the phone with the clients that you talk to, it's all through consent and a verbal agreement that you are going to stop by their homes.

I hope that those of you who are researching us online are reading my entire paragraph, because this is an honest review that I am doing on my own behalf, and not because of Diversified Companies telling me to. Do not turn away from our company because of a few people that didn't last; we have A LOT of associates here that are happy as can be and make a lot of money working Outside Sales that are only working 2-4 days a week and living absolutely comfortably.

We train you, we teach you our guaranteed system, we let you know our procedure that has proven successful for over 20+ years. We don't want people coming into our field that assume they know everything and are not open to learn OUR way of being successful. Success breeds success, so come to us with an open mind and you will be as happy as every other long-term employee that's with us.

God bless you all. Thanks for reading this.

Hicksville, New York, United States #842028

Funny, I hear horror stories from this little outfit all the time. A big bark from a little company that is notorious for screwing the salespeople.

Yes, 5 year old leads, worked by countless other agents. Get out of there people....

Paramus, New Jersey, United States #828126

I worked there in 2010, it was really bad how they didn't even want to know your name. You are right how they are just a floor in a building.

I thought with all of the ads on the job boards that they were a really big outfit. Anyone reading this, all this company is doing is handing you old leads and seeing what you can do with them. Imagine banging on the doors of people who have seen a zillion of agents before you.

Do you think that they are really going to buy from you? Pick a real company to go work for...

Verona, New Jersey, United States #700805

They advertise on lots of job boards, so they look bigger than they are. Lots of agents have got sucked in to this scam.

In fact, they post so many ads that they now rival the bigger companies like Combined, Aflac, American Income, Bankers etc, even though they are a one floor agency located in an office complex in Bloomfield, NJ. Needless to say, they don't do the business that the big companies do, they just make money off the turnover.

Agents in NJ know this. Hopes this helps.


Its a scam. Find a real company to go work for.

Its like they say, nothing more than a 1099 form company.

Those companies suck that is why they don't give you benefits. They know your not going to stay.

to Dont join the crowd... Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #585486

Its sucks when you get suckered into these companies. Its not you fault.

But keep posting about these scams because these companies do read this stuff and are very sensitive to it. A 1099 form is a serious warning.

Other companies like Aflac, Combined, American Income, and Bankers, are the same scams. Read the bad press from the previous salespeople.

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