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This is a company that is based in Bloomfield, NJ that sells final expense insurance to the public. It also has a Medicare division.

The company does mailers and then hands them to the salespeople who then go out and pitch the product usually buy following some type of sales script. They claim to be an industry leader but they dont even have a whole floor of building in office space. The company just goes through sales people left and right. The main problem are the leads which are the mailers that they claim they are giving you to make you successful.

In reality, the leads are old leads that have been worked by previous agents that are no longer with the company. When I worked there my leads had the writing all over them from the other agents. My leads were old too, 3-5 years old on average. The leads also said "increase your social security income..." to the customers so the customer thinks that you are comming out to talk about social security and instead the salesperson hits them with a life insurance sales talk.

Every two weeks there is a training program there. In my training program everyone dropped out. In the previous training programs only one or two people were still there after a few months.

Experienced agents that lasted a few months after training told me that the cost of leads that they pay was not worth it there and were quiting. Pick a more responsible insurance company to go work for that have real leads and low turnover than these iddiots.

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Fool, if they gave me old leads like that I would fling it in their faces. What makes places like this do well is that people don't read the internet and just go there and believe the hype.

Always do your homework.

This place has a history of this. And you were too *** to see it?


To the DFES agent, good companies dont have turnover. People are not lazy, that is your excuse for the high turnover. But go to love the internet and the transparency.


Looks like the gig is up for these people. I looked and noticed more negitive posts on them.

Maybe there was a really bad training class...but wait...there always was a bad training class when I was there...everyone dropped out...class after class it seemed, lol!Funny. I love it when I see those idiots at job fairs.

Just feel bad for the unemployed people that innocently stumble on them and dont know better and sign up. Now with the internet, maybe we can warn them.


Diversified is no different than Aflac, Combined, Bankers, Primerica, etc. They make money off the turnover.

If these were good companies than they would have people flocking to them, and not having to post constant ads on job boards and show up at job fairs. Once you become a manager in these companies they will give you statistics on the average number of agents you will need to have to come up with "x" amount of sales. So your job is to just get newbies and pump them up so they give you a least a few sales.

Then do the math and you have moved your product. You get a nice check and the agents get a stick up their you know what with all of the effort and time that they put in.


I have worked for this company for 9 years and I assure you there is no scam. They are great people who honestly care about making a difference in other people's lives.

Anyone who has been terminated, was terminated because they are lazy and didn't want to work, or because they were crooks and when the management found out that the agent was stealing or downright hurting their clients Diversified fired them. Insurance agents are known for not making any money and complaining about it constantly. David, Secret NJ Agent Man (AKA Scared Jobless Little Girl) and Scammed Agent (AKA I cheat my clients by rebating) were absolutely the example of lazy mediocre people who didn't want to work and wanted something for nothing. I can tell you I work hard and LOVE working for/with Diversified.

Take a chance and come in for an interview.

You won't regret it! :grin


Yea, that was a waste of 3 months of my life. You feel *** when everyone you work with leaves.

I can laugh now but I remember getting that last check and all of the deductions that were taken out of it and then being left with nothing. Grin and bear I guess.

What year were you there? Recently?


It was a scam. Nothing but high turnover.

The lead cost was crazy. All they were doing was to hand crappy leads to agents and see what they could do with them.

Good agents would produce and bad agents would bail. But then the good agents would bail too because it wasnt worth all the work for the pay you making off the crappy leads.

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